Is Ian Redford an AdWords Expert?

By: Ian Redford Posted in AdWords Training

Welcome to the 1st Post on the AdWords Coaching Blog,

The title of this post is a little subjective, am I an AdWords Expert or not? Question is how do you qualify?  I’ve heard from a number of gurus that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything, The fact  is as of December 2010, I have done nothing else except helping business owners with their Google AdWords accounts since Late 2005. Prior to that I had a very keen interest Advertising my own businesses via AdWords. You could say I have been learning since the very early days of AdWords.

How things have changed, Once upon a time it was easy to get lots of traffic and very low cost. Today you have to be very savvy to get on the frontpage and stay there while reducing your cost per click.

Today on Avg, all clients that I help have a combined spend of around $250K per month and is growing all the time. Here is a little proof from a screen shot of my Client manager which shows that $10 Million in Clicks is not too far away

It has been very pleasing to see the growth of some companies, Google AdWords has been very friendly, Some Products & Services can be very difficult, For eg. if you are trying to sell a book for $10. But for the most part, if you have a product or service that is specialised, popular, needed or just the latest fad, Google can work very well, However it can be a disaster if you go in without getting some advice 1st.

So to answer the question, am I an AdWords Expert? Yes I believe so, My 10,000 hours were up quite a long time ago and nothing new can happen in AdWords without me hearing about it from a client or my Google Reps.