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Google AdWords Training & Coaching:
About Ian

Since late in 2004 after spending a thousands of my own dollars (back in the days of sub 20cent clicks) on promoting my then business on Google AdWords and teaching some of my partners how to do it, if seemed like a great idea to teach traditional businesses how to do it also. The trick has been to stay ahead of the game and keep up to date with everything that is new and shiny with Google.
What has been very exciting over the last 2 years or so here in Australia is the level of support for Google’s Partners. The regular webinars, and in person seminars around Australia have been fantastic and as you see in the main banner, I was lucky enough to visit Google in California in August of 2013 and after spending a few days there can see why they are the juggernaut that they are. Google’s Goal is to train us well so we can help you to look after your accounts so you can spend more time in your business.

Since starting, hundreds of different businesses from tradies to book sellers to lawyers and massive e-commerce sites across Australia and around the world have asked for help. Here is a snapshot of the top of Google’s MCC (My Client Center). On Average it runs at about $300K a month in click costs.

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Why Do I Use WordPress:

The biggest challenge back 5+ years ago for clients who wanted to make a simple change to a site, was that you had to log in via FTP and look through the HTML and gosh if you had to change CSS it was an serious exercise. In stepped WordPress, the goal is to make it as easy for clients (Who wish to) to make there own simple changes within a web based platform that was as easy to use as Microsoft Word. After some trial and error it become clear that partnering up with a premium wordpress theme and plugin provider was the smart way to go.
Together with my chief designer and coder at the time we chose iThemes Builder. They have a great WordPress framwork in Builder, but also utilise industry leading WordPress Backup plugin BackupBuddy, plus numerous other plugins that all simply work with one another. This is really important as sites get older and wordpress gets updated, the themes and plugins need to too and iThemes are right on the ball in this department.

All our new websites use a full responsive Builder theme, meaning your site will look great on all types of devices, from a smartphone to a large screen computer.  A regular Back up schedule is also initiated from day one in case of emergencies.

Where to From Here:

It’s been about 15 years since someone actually paid me a regular weeks pay for a regular weeks work. When I think about it, in 1999 when I joined the internet community, Google was not the No.1 search engine, in fact it was well down the list.
So in that time I’ve learned a thing or 2 about:

  • Running Online Businesses
  • Building profitable AdWords accounts
  • Building/designing websites that convert customers
  • working out what needs to be implemented and in what order

Even if your business is not in the top 3 or 4 in your industry, You have an opportunity to compete. Google was not always No.1. The great thing about Advertising on AdWords is that the small local business can compete with the multi national company based on perception. If a visitor searches and clicks on your well written ad, and hits you nice slick website that displays exactly what they are looking for and you can offer great service at a good price you will get your share of the pie.

Lets Talk:

If you have 10-15 minutes, go ahead and give me a call and we can discuss you online strategy. Not many in Australia have my level of experience and knowlege with AdWords and I promise that you will find my fee’s very affordable

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