With the massive jump in Google Ads useage and most industries facing fierce competition, it has became critical to have a slick website that stands out from your competitors. You don’t need to be the biggest company or even offer the best service, the key phrase with your website is “perception” If your website comes across as professional, pleasing on the eye, rich in information and in Google’s perception that you offer a “great user experience” you are well on your way to winning the Google Ads game against your competitors. For the last 10 years, we have been making sites specifically to provide a “good user experience” and be Google Ads ready but more importantly, friendly to your potential customers.

WordPress is our platform of choice and here is why:

  • Powers more than 25% of websites on the Internet
  • Is open source software, meaning it is free, however, we do use premium paid Themes and plugins to build sites.
  • 1000’s of developers contribute to the wordpress plugin depository, meaning if you want a cool feature on your site, someone has probably developed it already.
  • Easy to integrate shopping carts and Paypal to sell your products or services
  • It is relatively easy for novice users to learn how to make updates to their own sites. Our Theme supplier has dozens of videos pre-made ready to watch.

All our sites that we develop come with:

  • Completely optimised for mobile devices
  • 1st year of hosting free if we host it for you.
  • Backed up to a remote server weekly
  • Contact forms
  • Accept payments for products or services (Cart set up with Paypal)
  • Use only premium themes and plugins that get upgraded when WordPress is upgraded. (Future problems can be a reality if free themes are used and are not supported)

Our pricing structure is based on a case by case basis as everyone’s requirements are different. for eg, a simple 5-6 page site that is mobile ready will start at around $770, compared to a 200 product e-commerce site might be $2-3000. We can take care of other custom sites also. If you have an idea for a site talk to me now and get some advice, most likely you will get a few additional ideas and get a firm fixed price on what it would take to develop the site for you.