WordPress Website Maintenance

Is Your Site Hacker proof? Website Maintenance for WordPress Sites

Easily restore all or part of your site should you be hacked or made a simple mistake and deleted the wrong thing

Hopefully, you are not here because a hacker has already done some damage. As great as WordPress is, there have been times when security has been lax by a website owner, or from time to time, a plugin or theme opens up a back door to allow hackers to cause issues. These are often identified quickly and those of us in the industry can act quickly to apply the fix.

We know today that your website is often the central portal of your business. Being offline for any period of time can become costly. You need peace of mind that you have done everything in your power to prevent downtime and have a quick solution to restore your site should the unthinkable happen.

We constantly monitor all the sites under our command, to ensure the wordpress core, themes and plugins are up to date. We also will install iThemes Security Pro to your site to put up that 1st line of security.

Every site has a backup plan in place which takes your backup Off-Site (Amazon)

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