Premium Domains

One thing I’ve discovered over the years of helping businesses on AdWords is that a Keyword Rich Domain Name is a sure fire way to increase your click through rate for a click from AdWords. The flow on from this is a higher quality score and a better ad rank, meaning you can pay less per click and and maintain a high position in the ranking.

Remember that Google’s philosophy is to provide a great user experience to the searcher so they keep using Google, so a slick website is required to achieve success with adwords, but also in the organic listings. In time and without a great deal of effort there is a fair chance your domain that is based a a specific keyword will find it’s way to the front page of Google.

My goal has alway been to help small/medium businesses to compete with bigger companies that seem to have unlimited budgets and can just buy their new clients. Google do not play favours and if you can market yourself smartly and increase the perception that you are larger than you are with a quality site name and design, a share of the market is yours for the taking.

Last thing we want to do is break your bank up front with a site that we are speculating that will be a winner (But experience tells us if has a fair chance). Have us build a website for you and lease it for up to 6 months. Then if you choose to purchase the domain inside the first 6 months $1500 will be removed from the purchase price.

If you choose to test out a domain before making a final purchasing decision, for the first 6 months we will help you with your Google AdWords campaigns at a discounted rate.

For 1st time advertisers, we can also offer $100 free in Google credit to get you started. In some cases we know that you maybe already paying $100-$1000 a month just for AdWords management. If you did nothing else, let us take a look and see if you are in fact getting good service and gaining the most benefit, not to mention save that fee for 6 months or for the life of the domain being leased.

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