Google AdWords Training And Coaching For Beginners

Google AdWords Training And Coaching For Beginners

By: Ian Redford Posted in Adwords Advertising, Adwords Help, AdWords Information, AdWords Training

Adwords Coaching And TrainingGoogle AdWords training and coaching are something that any AdWords novice should source before they actually begin creating ad campaigns in a new Google AdWords account. Listed below are 3 basic requirements you need to follow in establishing an AdWords account.

1. Choose your keywords carefully, there needs to be a happy medium between your keywords being too general and too specific. If you are operating on a small budget, going too broad can spend your budget very quickly without getting the results that you are looking for. Look up the different type of keywords that you can use, eg. Broad, Phrase, Exact and modified broad. In addition Negative keywords are very helpful if eliminating wasted clicks. If fact more time could be spent building a negative keyword list.
2. The no. 1 error I see on a daily basis is the incorrect structure of an account. It is very easy to set up one campaign with one adgroup and one ad and throw all your keywords in the one adgroup. It is simply not possible to associate dozens (or hundreds) of keywords with just one ad. Think about a shopping mall.You have One Mall and inside the mall there maybe 50, 100, up to 500 shops, each shop has some sort of signage or special offer to entice you in and on the shelves are the products or services available for sale. The products or services are your keywords, the signage is your ads and the shop itself is your adgroup. How would you feel if you went past a sign that said, come in for great Kitchens, only to find there is just bathrooms for sale. Your ads need to match exactly with the keywords that you choose and create multiple shops (adgroups)

3. Consider very carefully the settings tab, there are numerous settings to set up, and the main one is networks, never run search and display network’s on the same campaign. Running your search ads on the Google Display network can be a costly exercise and not very profitable. Also consider mobile devices, you should set the bidding on a mobile device to “Decreased 100%” if your site is not optimised for mobile phones or your product or service is more inclined to a user on a computer. Again if you are on a limited budget it could be a good idea to remove mobile devices from the equation. Alternatively if you run a restaurant or a local type business, increasing mobile bids maybe a great option.

Lately a number of new advertisers have sourced some Google AdWords training and coaching prior to starting and as a result have ensured that their campaigns have been set up the best possible way and without fail have recouped any investment into coaching by gaining new business and avoiding all the pitfalls that a new adWords account holder could encounter.

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