Visit to Googleplex Thanks to Google Engage for Agencies.

Visit to Googleplex Thanks to Google Engage for Agencies.

By: Ian Redford Posted in Adwords Advertising, AdWords Information, AdWords News

Back in April, Google put it out there that any agency partner who achieve a certain figure in clicks helping new customers over a 6 week period were in with a chance to visit the Google complex in Mountain View California.

Long Story short here I am at Google on Day 1 and am blown away by the scale of the place. The campus is spread out over a very large area, some 10,000+ employees work here, have over 1000 bicycles for staff to get around. Apparently Google has the largest private bus fleet in the US to bus staff in and out on a daily basis.

AdWords Coaching at Googleplex

Along with the other 14 Agencies from Australia and NZ and around 200 from around the world, we were privy to some of the new enhancements coming up with Google AdWords and some of the other Google products.

What they say about the food here is correct, we all had breakfast, lunch and dinner all prepared by chefs, in fact dinner was pretty cool, they bused us all around to a different section of the Googleplex were 3 authentic street vans put on a beautiful spread.

One of the speakers was Professor Jonah Berger from the Wharton Business school who gave us a terrific session on word of mouth marketing, not only from my point of view to grow my business, but to help you in your business create situations where your customers can’t help but want to talk about your product or service. Look up on Youtube the video of the guy blending an iPhone, He wanted to show how great his blenders were and has now had millions of views and made a massive difference to his business.

I’ll report more over the next couple of days, but need to thank the staff from Google Engage. For several years now I have a direct line into Google, but this year it has gone to a new level of support, I now have a technical support person for existing accounts and a dedicated guy from the Sydney office who can help with new business. Plus the Google Engage Program that is designed to train us experts in all things Google to keep us ahead of the Game. So if you want to advertise on Google for the 1st time and would like to get your hands on actual Google data for your industry and have a discussion with Google prior to committing I can easily facilitate that.

Besides the fact that in today’s world of AdWords, it is very difficult to set up and develop a successful campaign from scratch if you have never delved into AdWords previously because there are so many features and best practices to follow.

One major benefit of talking with or going with a partner of Google is the level of support that can be provided, Firstly if something does go wrong, often these can be resolved quickly compared to several days if you went through the normal channels. Secondly, Google often have Beta programs that only get released to clients of agency partners that can often provide an advantage over your competitors. Plus you can be assured that every best practice is being followed and your account is set up the correct way the 1st time.

That is all for now, look out for another post soon.

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