The Yellow Pages and Google AdWords

By: Ian Redford Posted in AdWords Information, AdWords News, AdWords Quality Score

Was having a discussion with a client today who, lets say is easily lead when it comes to being sold on ways to generate new business. He is in a cut throat industry and if your AdWords ad is not in the top 3 you really don’t stand much of a chance.

Today it was the yellow pages that visited him and offered him a $440 per month deal which was going to get him some sort of new website. If he didn’t have a website at all, I would understand, however he has 14 great looking websites already.
When you have a perfectly  good site, why would you create a website like the ones below. I sort of feel sorry for these guys, 4 competing ads with almost identical landing pages. I just stumpled  across this result as I was conducting a website review for someone in this industry. I know I can get in the top 3 with this sort of result.

Google AdWords and the Yellow Pages
Google may even turn around soon and only allow one to advertise, just like what happened with the affilate industry a few years back. Where will that leave the other 3 who will not show?

Here would be my top reasons not to go with something like this:

  • The Account is probably set up by them, you have no access and you won’t really know what each click is costing you
  • Google is on a quest to provide a good user experience, These types of sites can not compete with a good looking website that offer real content

If you are considering this type of marketing, you really should consider getting your own website and directing visitors directly to it from some well written Google Ads.

Here is all it will take:

  • A Domain Name (a is no more than $40 for 2 years)
  • Hosting is about $50-100 a year
  • A new website should be no more that $660, really depends how many photos and pages you want included.
  • It could probably be set up well before yellow pages fiddled around with paperwork and actually getting someone to do it.

Yes I offer all of these services, and if you are a tradie and give me a call I’ll not only set all this up for you, you will get any changes you need to the site free for 12 months, if fact if it is only minor i’ll probably do it for years to come. Certainly happy to give you a few numbers of other tradies who I’ve helped and they will give you the low down on how I can help you.

Bottom line is this, Why would you as a consumer, go to a domain name with yellowpages in it, when you can go directly to a website that is going to offer what they are looking for.

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