How Does Google AdWords Track Click Fraud?

By: Ian Redford Posted in AdWords Information, AdWords News

A common question I hear all the time is… Will my competitors click on my ads to to spend my daily budget, therefor leaving it open for their ads to display?
Of course it happens, but Google are very good at detecting this and will issue you a credit to your account for any click that they determine is of poor quality or a blatent click frausd attempt.

Other ways you might get poor quality clicks are from:

  1. Visitors Double Clicking on ads
  2. Visitors who have clicked on your ad within the previous 30 days as long as they have not cleared cookies in their browser. (Your Competitors may do this or it can be genuine visitors looking for you a 2nd time)
  3. If an IP address of a visitor is outside of the Geographical settings within your campaign

After looking after Google AdWords accounts for 6 years & almost $10Million in clicks, I have never had a dispute with a client or Google re: Click Fraud.

Google use a combination of automated and manual steps to identify any clicks that may have been deemed as poor quality. See the image below to see where and How Google re-imburse you for such clicks.

From within your account go to Billing–> Billing Summary to see all the latest trasactions.

Google AdWords Click Fraud Credits

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