AdWords Training Australia is Now an AdWords Certified Company

AdWords Training Australia is Now an AdWords Certified Company

By: Ian Redford Posted in AdWords Information, AdWords News, AdWords Training

After a number of years umming and arring about completing the qualifications to become an AdWords qualified individual, the deed is finally done. As of late last year Google had retired the previous version of the professionals program, meaning that all those individuals/businesses had to reset the test (Now 2 tests) to maintain their status. So when you see those older style logos (white background) there is a fair chance these businesses are not recognised by Google.
Don’t get me wrong, most of these guys know what they are doing. One of the reasons I never went through the whole process previously is that the qualification was too easy and anyone could pass the test, I personally managed accounts of several qualified individuals who really didn’t know what they were doing with adwords at an account level, buy boy could they sell it well.

If you are considering doing the test, study up hard, the 1st test is not that hard, but you will be found out on the 2nd one if you are not actively managing accounts on a daily basis. Good luck if you are applying soon.

Here is the little badge of honor that Google give you and the link to my current status.

If you need an account overhaul for the year ahead, You can book me for 2 hours, You look at my screen while I ask you questions about your business and you help me fix your account. The whole thing is recorded and you get a copy to download and review. Check out details here.

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