Advertising Agency and SEM Start Up AdWords Coaching

Advertising Agency and SEM Start Up AdWords Coaching

By: Ian Redford Posted in AdWords Information, AdWords News, AdWords Training

Over the last year, I have had some interesting calls with several people who have either worked for a search engine marketing company or have managed an account or two for the company they have worked in. They have developed the entrepreneurial spirit just like I did 7 years ago when I worked out I could teach what I know to others.

With so many variations of campaigns that can be done for your clients, your education needs to keep pace, here are a few examples 

  • Search Campaigns
  • Display Network Campaigns (Auto & Targeted)
  • Mobile Device Campaigns
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Geographical campaigns
  • And many other reasons why you would separate out your client’s campaigns. 
Add to those things like:
  • Ad Extensions
  • Google Places listings
  • Understanding Reports
  • Mastering the AdWords Editor
  • Split Testing
  • Page optimization
  • And the List Goes on. 
You clients just expect you to know all of this and how to implement it. Also as a start-up, getting access to someone at Google is not easy either. While I do manage hundreds of accounts across dozens of industries I’m not looking to manage your accounts too. (however, if the price was right)
Obviously, Agencies are generally well versed and have someone in house to manage AdWords Campaigns, Can this person’s skills be improved? It only takes 5 minutes to identify if all that can be done is being done.
For start up SEM agencies, could you benefit from someone with 7+ years in the industry, who has a very high conversion rate from inquiries to sales? The search engine marketing business can be very lucrative for an ambitious individual with some sales/marketing skills. You only have to show a local small/medium business how to increase their leads by 10-30% and reduce their cost per acquisition. There is no reason why they would not go with you.
What I’m proposing for any ambitious entrepreneur looking to get into the industry is:
  • Free Training with view to become Google qualified yourself
  • Associate your business with mine & leverage my experience and credentials
  • Assist you with converting your leads into sales via in-person meetings of 3-way calls
  • Work with you to build and manage your client’s accounts.
Initially, my payment is only a percentage of profits, Terms would need to be worked out, but I would envisage a 6-12 month process to establish yourself and going forward you would run your own business whereby you retain all profits other than any ongoing consulting fees that you may require. Initially, I only make money if you do.
In saying all this, this post is only me thinking out load, every situation is going to be different and requires a different approach.
The bottom line is if you would like to take your AdWords skills to a new level in your current position or as described, break out and do it on your own, please call me on 07 3348 7394 and will be happy to have a friendly discussion about it with you.


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