3 Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Quality Score – Spend Less and Get More Clicks

3 Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Quality Score – Spend Less and Get More Clicks

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3 Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Quality Score – Spend Less and Get More Clicks

3 ways to improve quality scoreIf you have ever used Google AdWords to market your website, service or product before, you will should have worked out that Quality Score is a key ingredient for the success of your campaign. With better Quality Score, you will pay less for each click and thus can get more clicks using the same amount of budget that you’ve put aside.

Here are 3 ways to improve your Google AdWords Quality Score today:

1. Improve the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of your ad text. CTR is a vital element with regards to determining your AdWords Quality Score. So that your primary goal when you manage a campaign would be to enhance your CTR. One efficient way to improve CTR is by using split testing. Google AdWords process enables you to create more than 1 ad text for any single ad group. It is best to have 2 ads running in one ad group to split test the effectiveness of the ads. Enable both ads run for at least a week to determine which is the better performing ad. After that delete the loser and make another ad to compete against the winner. Using this method regularly, you will progressively and continuously increase the CTR of your ad groups.

2. Group relevant keywords with each other. You shouldn’t group all the keywords right into a single ad group. for example, “Pay per click advertising” and also “PPC” must be in different ad groups. This really is to improve the relevance between your keywords as well as your ad text, making the ad more relevant often leads to an improved Quality Score.

3. Place keywords in the Headline, Description and also Display URL within your ad text.  Place the most important keywords within your headline and ad description. And don’t leave out the display URL of your ad. The display URL is an additional great way to place keywords to be able to earn some relevancy to enhance the Quality Score. Eg. IanRedford.com/PPC

Even though Google always changes their algorithms to prevent you from beating the AdWords system entirely, there will always be some basic things which you can do to at least obtain a good Quality Score for your campaign. Keep in mind, Google rewards relevancy. So when you are selecting keywords, creating ad groups and also writing ads, keep everything tight and relevant.


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