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Never Tried Google AdWords Before?

or tried but failed miserably?

Try it with $100 of Google’s Money

(Applies only to new accounts less than 14 Days old)

Limited Offer for Mastermind Member

Option 1: Get Me On Google Now:

Together we will set up your Google adWords account to drive only highly qualified traffic to your website. Google has become quite daunting for most new users, if not done correctly it is easy to dismiss as “It doesn’t work” Hundreds of thousand of businesses in Australia will tell you otherwise. Google can be a money making machine once you finely tune your campaigns.

What I can achieve in one hour will probably take a newbie 10 hours, so here is what you get:

  •  2 x 1 Hr Phone Calls While Screen Sharing ( You need to install )
  • Together We Set up Your AdWords Account using all the correct keywords and appropriate text ads.
  • Each call is recorded and video link sent to you afterwards.
  • Call 1 -Set Up – Call 2 Optimise (1 Week Later)
  • You have an Account that is set up correctly that will have minimal wasted clicks.
  • $100 in Free Clicks from Google (Is for new accounts/advertisers only & applies after $25 has been spent)
  • Website Optimisation advice.
  • We look at the overall big picture with your marketing.

For a limited time only, this is service is only $299


Option 2:  DIY Coaching Program:

  • 30 minutes of background work, keyword research, account development suggestions.
  • Six 60 minute Sessions on the Telephone working on your account, implementing and suggesting changes. Calls can be spread over 3-8 weeks to allow statistics to be generated allowing for the best optimization.
  • Designed for companies who spend anywhere from $500 to $25,000 per month on Google clicks.
  • The See it through Guarantee*. We will get your account to the stage where it takes on a life of it’s own.
  • **New** All calls are recorded and downloadable afterwards for review.

This is a hands on course, You should not only commit the 1 hour for our call, but an additional 1-2 hours per week (To start with, less later) to work on your account and put into practice what you learn.

 DIY Coaching Program Special $500


Option 3: Account Set Up and Management

This is organised on a case by case basis as every business is different. Lets have a chat about it.


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